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We have our own laboratory equipped with modern technology for the performance of various tests.


SPECTROMAXx Spectrometer

We have a SPECTRO spectrometer, with optical emission technology in order to carry out a precise chemical analysis of the alloys we cast.

HOYTOM HM-S 150 kN Traction Machine

This equipment is used to determine the mechanical properties of our cast pieces through the performance of traction tests in accordance with European standards.

EMCO Durometer with direct digital reading

Equipment to measure the HBW hardness of the pieces. This equipment has direct reading, which enables this property to be verified rapidly.

KRAUTKRAMER Ultrasound + own Software to determine the grain size

We have our own Software developed by the TECNALIA technology centre that enables us to determine the size of the grain of the lift crowns, without this test being destructive.


We also have the typical metrology tools, such as calipers, gauges, micrometers, dial indicators and profilometers.